Hendrie Valley Trails: An Ecological Haven

I had been wanting to go back to do a longer walk since my last visit to the trails in the Royal Botanical Gardens. I made it back at the end of the summer. This was what I found  when I entered the grounds from Valley Inn Road with my walking group. The Laking Garden, which normally attracted many bird watchers, seemed quiet.


It gave us a serene start to our walk without the fowls fluttering on the surface of the water. We had the calming reflections all to ourselves.


We entered  Grindstone Marshes Trail. It was unpaved, but footing was good. I think the trail is so named because there are thick marshes bordering the footpath.

The vegetation was so tall that anyone walking on the boardwalk and the bridge would find it hard to distinguish whether it was water or ground underneath the weeds and marshes.

One of us with a keen eye spotted a flattened patch and pointed out to us that probably a herd of deer had gone over this area.


Grindstone Marsh Trail joined North Bridle Trail. We left the marshland and were now walking on narrow paths. We tried to look out for the much publicized bald eagles and their nest, but they were nowhere in sight. The Royal Botanical Garden was careful not to specify their exact location in view of public interests in this rare specie. The path took us to Creek Side Walk which ran along Grindstone Creek.

There was more uphill and downhill in this area but on a late summer day like this we were well protected from the sun. We emerged from Creek Side Walk to the residential area along Unsworth Avenue, where we could follow the city streets to end our walk.


9 thoughts on “Hendrie Valley Trails: An Ecological Haven

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  2. Charlie@Seattle Trekker

    I love your banner it is a really special photo, love the story it tells. Thank you for sharing your walk through the botanical garden, I always find such photos to be so full of gardening ideas and inspirations.

    1. Opalla Post author

      Thanks very much for dropping by and your comment. There is a different feel walking in gardens from hiking on more rocky trails, though both are appealing in its own way.:)

    1. Opalla Post author

      This is very much a family trail, with option of inner loop and outer loop, any where from 3 to 5 to 8 Km. People are the Royal Botanical Gardens are helpful in telling you where to go. Many families go out there. 🙂


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