Food Reviews

I am adventurous when it comes to food. I like trying different restaurants, particularly ethnic cuisine. My choice of a restaurant takes into account of good food and affordability, sometimes based on reviews or word-of-mouth recommendations. Of course, I make sure I indulgence myself in a gourmet restaurant once in a while.

Ontario, Canada

Betty’s Restaurant (Chippawa)

Coach & Lantern (Ancaster)

Coriander Green  (Oakville)

Exotic Indian Cuisine (Toronto)

Fantaxia Restaurant (Toronto)

House of Gourmet (Toronto)

King Edward Hotel, Victoria’s (Toronto)

King’s Cafe (Toronto)

Momofuku Daisho (Toronto)

Real Thailand Restaurant (Toronto)

Red Canoe Bistro (Burlington)

Ristorante Julia (Oakville)

The Alex Restaurant (Burlington)

The Hamilton Club (Hamilton)

The Perfect Kitchen (Mississauga)

The Works (Burlington)

Wok Of Fame (Brampton)

Quebec, Canada

Poutine La Barquise (Montreal)

Swartz’s (Montreal)

Juliette & Chocolat (Montreal)

La Maison de L’original Fairmount Bagel (Montreal)

Le Cartet (Montreal)

Jardin Nelson (Montreal)

Saskatchewan, Canada

Konga Café (Saskatoon)

New South Wales, Australia

The Century (Sydney)

Marigold Restaurant (Sydney)

Exlounge (Bronte)

Chan’s Garden Restaurant (Burwood)

Bistro 80 (Sydney)

Hong Kong

Tsui Wah Restaurant

Under Bridge Spicy Crab

Chiu Chow Garden


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