Byward Market: Good Enough for A President


Every time I visit Ottawa, I always make a stop at Byward Market. Street markets always have a lure for me, and particularly at this time of the year, the fresh produce from the local farms tops it all. I’ll let this mosaic of colours speak for themselves.

Then the Byward Market also offers many delicious goodies, like the Beaver Tail,

and this delicious croissant with ham and egg filling and home fries.


The pastries and cookies at Le Moulin de Provence should not be missed. In fact, when President Obama visited Ottawa in 2009, he made an impromptu visit to Byward Market. After trying the Beaver Tail, he walked across the road to Le Moulin de Provence and he was offered maple leaf cookies for free. A huge photograph of the President and a video clip of his visit are still on display to-day.

23 thoughts on “Byward Market: Good Enough for A President

  1. tkmorin

    I live in Ottawa, and I must admit that I don’t usually go there unless I have other business to do. You remind me of a wonderful place to visit more often … even the smell is great, the prices so good … 🙂

  2. Amy

    I can see why President Obama was so happy… Have never had croissant with ham and egg filling, it looks delicious. I can easily gain a pound by looking at these beautiful pastries 🙂

    1. Opalla Post author

      It is deep-fried dough shaped like a beaver’s tail. Texture is like donut. You have different topping to choose from. Most common is cinnamon and sugar. A local specialty, but obviously unhealthy. 🙂

    1. Opalla Post author

      It’s very hard to restrain myself from the cakes and pastries, but I divert my shopping instincts to the fresh produce and cheeses. This usually works. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  3. Allyson Mellone

    Just my kind of place! Farmer’s green market filled with beautiful whole foods and raw materials turned into delectable creations. I go to one every Saturday and value the freshness and flavor of the veggies and fruits, apples now, I get there. Great of you to share this quality venue in your area 🙂

  4. Chas Spain

    Hi Opalla – hope all is well with you – I’m just visiting those kind enough to have commenting on my blog so far to say Happy New Year and see you’ve had a bit of a break from posting. Do feel free to drop me a line if you can.


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