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Weekly Photo Challenge: SATURATED

I was at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market. As it was fairly early, I found the stores saturated with stocks; just right for this week’s Photo Challenge: “Saturated“. The cheese store displayed a sea of yellow in different tones, the meat was pink and fresh, and the florist was saturated with colours too.





The Hamilton Farmers Market shares a long history with the City of Hamilton since its inception in 1837. It is open four days a week. Since it is situated in the downtown area of the City, it is a convenient location for office workers to shop for fresh produce, coffee and spices, baked goods as well as household items during lunch hour, and before or after work.

Hamilton Farmers Market, 35 York Blvd., Hamilton, Ontario. (Jackson Square).

Weekly Photo Challenge: FROM LINES TO PATTERNS

I happen to find a few photos in which I find lines and patterns when I look up at the top of buildings or the ceiling.

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Sydney Harbourfront

Melbourne Exhibition Centre

The Crystal, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme “Sea” for this week is quite open to interpretation. Since I have been thinking a lot about the unrest in the Middle East this week, I go to my Holy Land photo album. I have picked pictures that show how blue and expansive the sea is.

The Sea of Galilee, Israel


Looking out to the Mediterranean Sea from a bus, near Kos, Greece


The Mediterranean Sea, from near Tel Aviv, Israeal


Weekly Photo Challenge: FOCUS

The theme Focus in the latest Weekly Photo Challenge is a challenging exercise in photography to me. My ever so talented blog friend Mrs. Carmichael just took out her camera and captured two beautiful images to illustration the theme.  Given the limitations of my camera, I have to rely on what I have taken by serendipity in my album. However, thanks to the features of Picasa, I hope I am getting closer.

Visiting the Big Buddha on Lantao Island, Hong Kong:


The Three Goddesses:


Peering through an arch in a inner city lane in Israel:

Finally, enjoying a beer in Montreal:


Weekly Photo Challenge: CAREFREE

I took this picture when I was in Macau: the cycle rickshaw man lit his cigarette and he looked so relaxed in his cart. “How carefree, ” I thought.

So for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I look through my photo album to find this image to share with you. Hope you are enjoying some carefree moments too.


Weekly Photo Challenge: FORESHADOW

I am normally a fan of the bright blue sky, but to fit the theme “Foreshadow” of the Weekly Photo Challenge, I look for the darkest and the most ominous sky in my album.




These pictures were taken during my walks, and on all occasions, the sky opened in less than five minutes. It started with a few spitting drops, then it drizzled and intensified to a constant downpour.  I was soaked by the time I reached my car. Looking back, these photo stirred me viscerally, and images that were foreshadowing a change of weather actually turned out to be foreboding ones.