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Walking On A Spring Day In Mid-Winter

I enjoy walking outdoors in most weather, but deep down I am not a winter person. With the weather forecast predicting record-breaking double-digit (Centigrade) temperature, I made sure I woke up early to join my walking group this morning. What a difference it was from our winter training walk last week.

The road was clear of snow and there were but few icy patches. The training route was aimed to prepare for the Around the Bay (Hamilton Bay, Ontario) Road Race and we headed along York Boulevard, crossing the T. B. McQuesten Bridge to walk down Valley Inn Road. The foot bridge that was covered in snow only a week ago had a totally different look!


The ice of the harbour had melted.


I took a photo of the grounds of the Royal Botanical Gardens last week, and that was how it looked this morning. January thaw did its job.


More people came out for training, and some runners were wearing shorts. Who would want to waste this beautiful spring-like day hibernating at home?

When we looped back, the tide had ebbed further exposing the muddy bottom of the bay.


At a distance, the towers of McQuesten Bridge rose from the horizon. One uphill and we were back into the historical part of Hamilton—Dundurn Castle and its East Tower with bird houses on the roof.



In this pleasant weather, we walked the same distance as the previous week but we took ten minutes off our time and this meant we headed out earlier to reward ourselves with a breakfast in town.

Winter Training: Bring It On!

I went for my first weekend walk this year with my walking group. The walk also marked the beginning of the winter training season in preparation for races upcoming in the spring. We chose to train on part of the route of the Around the Bay, a 30 Km race around the Hamilton Bay. (This race has a long history, which is older than Boston.) Our walk included walking up and down two most challenging hills and also the most scenic sections in the grounds of the Royal Botanical Gardens.

In spite of the cold outdoor temperature, the sun had come out. Many runners and walkers were out training too, and it was always nice to meet some familiar faces.

Another familiar sight of winter training was the snow. The paved roads were normally salted or plowed, as in the section near the Royal Botanical Garden car park. However, by the time we came to the foot bridge, which was closed to traffic, a good 150 metres was snow-covered and icy underneath.

It was beautiful nonetheless. On one side was the frozen Hamilton Bay.

On the opposite side was the trail of the Garden.

We made our way up the “killer” hill as it was generally known to the athletes and we looked back down at the CN rail beneath.

It was an invigorating 12 Km walk and a great way to comply with my 2013 walking resolution. This year, I have committed to the 2013 Walking Challenge recommended by my walking coach and this is to walk 2013  minutes each month.