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Weekly Photo Challenge: REFLECTIONS


I came across this bridge when I was walking northbound by the banks of the Rideau River in Ottawa. I was approaching Sussex Drive and I turned around and saw this bridge. I took this photo, and when I looked at it afterwards, it evoked an emotional connection in me to Money’s The Bridge at Giverny. I distinctively remembered one painting in which Money painted a reflection. I am not a photographer and this is no Monet. However, the emotional association is always fascinating. I wonder if you feel anything similar?

I also find this picture among my album and I think it is interesting that the reflections define the shapes of the leaves more aesthetically than the actual plants.


This is a candid shot I have captured walking along a boardwalk crossing the swamp before that it leads to the sand dunes on Prince Edward Island. This is an ecologically sensitive area. I am pleased that it has been preserved very well.

Walking in Ottawa (1): Rideau River Trail

The best way to know a city is by walking. Sounds like a cliche, but there are different definitions of walking in a city.  I have been to Ottawa several times. Every time, I walked a lot– to Byward Market, up Parliament Hill, to the museums and galleries, and walking inside and outside the sightseeing attractions.

The walking I did on my recent visit to Ottawa was slightly different, but well worth it! I walked for the sake of walking, and Ottawa had some good places to offer.

I walked on the trail along Rideau River. It was paved, scenic and well maintained.

A yellow line was painted down the middle of the trail to demarcate up and down traffic, even when it ran on the side walk.

This was helpful, since there were many cyclists as well as runners and walkers using this trail even in the early morning hours I was out there.

I followed this trail from near the RCMP Headquarters to Sussex Drive, and it was about 10K out and back.  I saw maps along the trail, as well as signs showing where to enter the trail from the residential areas nearby.

I passed by a rapid,

and then saw some geese.

As I approached Sussex Drive, a building with interesting architecture came into view on the other side of the river bank.

A cyclist told me that it was the old city hall and I saw a bridge which would take me over to the opposite bank to explore its grounds; maybe that’s for my next visit.

A big city does not need to sprawl. Ottawa doesn’t and I like it for its accessibility. With my walk on this trail, I no longer feel like a tourist in Ottawa. I feel privileged that I have done something that any ordinary citizen would do in the capital city. I would like to come back many times more.