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Kitchen Renovation (5): The Long Wait, and Suddenly…

The dry wall team did not turn up the day after the electricians had left. They did not turn up the next day, nor the following day. I call the supervisor. He told me the dry wall people were finishing a big job, and he was hoping that they could come by and start working in my kitchen soon. He sounded reassuring when he told me that dry wall workers usually carry several jobs at one time, because when the plaster was drying in one place, they could go over to another place to do some work there.

In spite of my optimism,  they never turned up at my place. I had an entire week without any workman in my house. I tried to carry on my life as usual. I went to work, did minimal grocery shopping since I had to plan carefully what to cook in my makeshift kitchen and we ate out more.

The inspector from the city also did not come, but it was a relief to know that he did not need to come because they were over-booked and could only manage one in three of the sites. They apparently knew the work of the electrician and my contractor,  and skipped us. That was good news. According to the schedule given to me by the contractor, they had allowed two weeks for the dry wall work. Ten days had elapsed.

When I returned home from work on the eleventh day, I walked into a dusty hallway and the stinging smell of plaster. I started to sneeze but I was more relieved to see that work had finally resumed. The dry wall team had given me the walls and the new ceiling of my kitchen! These people only spent three days in my house and completed their work. These were dusty and sneezy days, but the job was back on track again.

The tile people followed suit. They first did a good job reinforcing the floor boards by punching nails on it. In came the wire sheets and they did a patient job lining the floor before putting on the ceramic tiles. It was another three-day work because when they got the corners and the side of the room, the tiles had to be measured and precisely cut. It was fun watching them, as they placed the tiles as working on a jig-saw puzzle. Another chapter of my kitchen renovation saga completed.