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Weekly Photo Challenge: UP


The Ngong Ping 360  is a cable car ride of about 25 minutes from Tung Chung  to Ngong Ping in Lantau Island to visit the Ngong Ping Cultural Village and the famous Big Buddha. I took the cable car with the glass bottom, which offered a panoramic  view of the Tung Chung Bay and the Airport from high up.



Another cable car ride in Hong Kong is a shorter but equally colourful and adventurous ride in Ocean Park.



I was looking forward to taking another ride UP there in the hot air balloon, but sadly the ride did not operate due to high wind. Well, another time.

Travel Theme: GREEN

This  week the Travel Theme of Ailsa’s Blog Where’s My Backpack is Green.


With St. Patrick’s Day just round the corner, I feel that I should look up my travel albums and find out what’s green in there. Normally I see lots of greens–trees, grass, and moss– on my hikes and walks, and so I am quite pleased to find “green” in a different setting. All these photos were taken in the Grand Aquarium of Hong Kong Ocean Park. In fact, I am pleasantly surprised that with my not so smart “point and shoot” camera, I could get these images.




Having satisfied the “Travelling” portion of this theme, please allow me to include some “green” pictures that I do not have to travel far to take. My facetious picks (pun and all) are from the vegetable plot in my backyard.