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When I REALLY Do Not Want To Cook…Or When My Frontal Lobe Goes On Strike

When I REALLY do not want to cook, and it happens once in a while after a long day at work or running around doing errands, I do not even want to decide what to get for take-out or find what frozen food I have in my freezer. My husband will understand when I tell him that my front lobe has gone on strike. To my less neurologically inclined readers, it is my suggestion to my husband that I do not want to do any planning, organization and execution, and the less decision-making I do, the better. This means that unless he is happy to cook and wash up, we’d better eat out.

We both had been following the Boston bombing the entire afternoon yesterday. We were sad, though relieved that a couple of friends we knew were out there had passed the finish line and cleared of the area, including their families who went out to watch.  I really did not want to cook. My husband was quick to come up with a place to eat when I told him my frontal lobe had stopped functioning. He remembered driving past an Indian buffet restaurant the previous week, and since both of us liked curry, it required no thinking at all on my part. So off we went to  Flavours of India, a small restaurant offering buffet meals at a great deal.


The moment we entered, we saw a couple of friends. It turned out that they came to the restaurant often on the recommendation of a mutual friend of ours. We were greeted by a friendly waiter who showed us where to sit. Looking around, I found interesting artifacts from India on display.


The good thing about buffet was that I did not have to read the menu and ponder among choices. There was enough food on display that decision making was reduced to ‘yes’ or ‘no’. There was a wide selection of food: soup and starters, salad, rice and bread, vegetable dishes and meat dishes. There was also a wide range of curry flavours, from mild to hot and the food display was clearly labelled.

I had some soup, and sampled the samosa, pakora and tikki.

Many Indian buffet restaurants fall into two problems . The first is to have trays filled with sauces and not enough meat for obvious budgetary reasons. Secondly, the taste of the curry is too uniform.  Flavours of India did not have these problems and I did not have to stir my ladle around to hunt for a small piece of meat. The sauces were colourful and each curry had a distinctive taste. Besides, inasmuch as we knew that there is butter and coconut milk in some curries, the items served in this restaurant actually tasted quite healthy.

There were enough choices for me to have two helpings of different meat and vegetables, accompanied by rice and naan bread, which were very good to soak up the sauces.

Indian desserts tend to be very sweet. I did not try the Kulab Jamun, because it was too sweet for me, regardless of the restaurants. However, I enjoyed the rice pudding which was creamy and refreshing. My husband and I ate and shared our thoughts about Boston. We had some peaceful time thinking about the unfortunate ones and their families.

Although Flavours of India is not a gourmet restaurant, it is a friendly, neighbourhood restaurant which offers good food for great value. I am happy to go back, whether or not my frontal lobe decides to go on strike or not.

Flavours of India, 1400 Plains Road East, Burlington, Ontario.