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A Blast with Burgers at The Works


The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro opened in Burlington, Ontario last November. It has been quite the buzz of town since then. My husband and I arrived there at 6 p.m. and there were already a line-up there with about 20 people inside and outside combined.


Fortunately, it was only a twenty-minute wait and on the positive side, we were more hungry and ready to enjoy our meal.

This was no ordinary burger place. When we finally sat down, we were given a menu which instructed us how to order our burgers in five steps. Step 1 was easy; we had to decided on the pattie. My husband chose beef and since I was in an adventurous mood, I picked elk. The second step appeared overwhelming. There were about 80 toppings grouped under six categories with names such as Born To Be Wild, World Tour, Veg Out, Carnivore’s Corner, etc.  I picked Dead Ringer from Top 10 Burgerhead Faves. The description of the ingredients said brisket, jack cheese, smokey BBQ sauce and onion rings, but I still could not understand the name. My husband chose Jamaica Jerk, which contained fiery Jamican jerk spices, sweet green chilies, Montery jack and ripe tomatoes. I was already tired after reading through the list. My thought: It’s too much brain work to order a burger.

Fortunately, the next step was easy, I chose my whole wheat bun out of three choices. For sides (Step 4), I ordered a salad and my husband ordered fried sweet potatoes to split and share between us. There was Step 5, called Add On, but since we had already decided to have an onion ring tower for starter, we did not bother with more menu reading.

We had time to look around the decor while waiting for our food.  There was an industrial feel to the place, The main wall had an artist impression of the Burlington Lift Bridge, It fit in with my conceptualization and I like this choice to represent the City of Burlington. There  were metal works for decor and pipes for partition. Waiters wore t-shirt with the restaurants logo in front and their motto at the back.

Our water was served in a 16-oz measuring cup. The friend onion tower ushered our burgers served on tin trays.

The fried onion rings came with a spicy mayo dip and a beach house dip. The onion rings were the best I had tasted for a long time. The burgers were tasty although the patties were on the thin side. It was a filling and satisfying burger meal.

The Works Burger Bistro, 443 Brant Street, Burlington, Ontario.

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