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Eastern Beach Walk: Bondi to Bronte, Australia

Bondi Beach on the eastern Australian coast is the national icon for surfing and geological wonders. It is thought that the word “Bondi” traces its meaning to native Aboriginal languages, and “Bondi” means “water breaking over rocks” or “tumbling water”. Less than an hour from Sydney–by rail and then by bus–I found myself looking onto the Pacific Ocean with its lapping waves rolling in and out an expanse of fine, glistening sand. Further out, surfers were paddling out to the ocean and then rising on the crest of the waves which drove them towards the shore.

I am not aquatically inclined. My visit to Bondi was to enjoy the coastal features on the Bondi to Bronte section of the Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk.

On this walk, I witnessed the force of Nature’s powerful chisel which had shaped the shoreline from the sandy beaches to the rocky scree.  I saw pot holes, caves, and cliffs. I heard the wind howling and the waves roaring. I felt the warmth of the sun and slap of the wind. What I experienced left me in awe.

The Sea, The Waves and The Shore

The Rocks, The Cliffs and The Wonders of Erosion

I walked about 3.5K from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach, passing Tamarama Beach. Except for a short section which was on the sidewalk with traffic passing, the beach walk was along the seashore. By the time I arrived at Bronte, it was time for lunch and I could see a very interesting restaurant waiting for me.