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A Word A Week Photo Challenge: ACTION



Action during a running or walking race is most familiar to me. When I participate in a race, I do not have the opportunity to take pictures of athletes in action, except from their back perhaps. When I do get a chance of be on the side line as I discover from my photo archives, they happen to be races in the winter months. I have here pictures taken during the Boxing Day 10-Miler in Hamilton that I have written a blog earlier, and the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington which is held on the first Sunday of March. 

The intensity of the action varies depending on which phase of the race the athletes are in. The two athletes above are both in the final lag of the race and finish is only 100 metres or so away. They are looking strong and making a final sprint to finish.

In the earlier phases of the race, athletes tend to bunch together to maintain a desirable pace, be they in the front pack, and the middle pack or the back. Athletes have their own strategy to complete the race depending on their goals. Just look at the intent on their faces and you can tell how focus they all are.


Then they start to spread out.


Since I am a power walker, I am normally at the back of the pack with the slower runners. Our form is different but no less intense when it comes to action. The gratification is that as the race goes on, the walkers can overtake the slow runners to finish at a better time.