Weekly Photo Challenge: GEOMETRY

My most unforgettable moment at the Sydney Running Festival was finding myself looking up at the structure above me while I was racing across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I have re-cropped my photo for this Weekly Photo Challenge in order to better appreciate the geometrical design of this structure. Indeed, triangles are the strongest structure from the architectural point of view. […]

Ai Weiwei, What is he up to?

I recently came across some media coverage on Ai Weiwei. The world family and politically controversail sculptor has move to live in Cambridge in England after living in Germany for the last few years. He is also setting up a business to share his sculptures with buyers to be re-assembled in one’s home. This is […]

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: CIRCLES and CURVES

There is an intrinsic beauty to circles and curves that I like. They also lend themselves to architectural designs throughout the ages. The most famous of those, in my opinion, is the Sydney Opera House, which essentially is a dissection of a sphere (a 3-D circle) and a re-arrangement the segments by its architect Jorn […]