Travel Theme: HEIGHT


I am petite. Every time I am a spectator among a big crowd watching a parade, I am keenly aware how challenged I am with my height. I am envious that this person has found his vantage point. This also reminds me of William Kurelek’s painting I sawย at the Ukrainian Museum in Saskatoon.


Do visit Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack for other interpretations and images of Height in her Travel Theme.

13 thoughts on “Travel Theme: HEIGHT

  1. greenmackenzie

    This is such a funny take on the theme height…or lack of it!
    That painting is really engaging, it kept me looking and exploring it for ages, really capturing the feeling of climbing a tree for the vantage point.

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    1. Opalla Post author

      Thanks so much for your support! (I am travelling and reception in hotel is also slow. I may not be able to read all the posts that I follow. )

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