Thursday Special: Serendipity (A New Tea House in Burlington)


The quotation of Henry James on a chalk board greets me and my friend when we enter Serendipity Tea House in Burlington, Ontario. It helps to dispel our frustration after driving around the block twice before we can locate this place.

My friend and I make the impromptu decision to have afternoon tea. We have heard about a new tea house and decide to look for it. Just as it is named, Serendipity Tea House is our serendipitous find. I want to make this post my Thursday Special (hosted by Paula) for this week.

We feel quite comfortable in this small café with clean white table cloth and fine table settings.

The lunch crowd has left and we have a quiet time before other customers for afternoon tea arrive. The menu offers many choices for tea, and a lot in the fashionable category like green tea, white tea, herbal and caffeine free. I am a traditionalist, and so I only have English Breakfast Tea, Darjeeling and Earl Grey to choose from. My friend and I both settle for Darjeeling.

We also order the Classic Tea. It was a gorgeous presentation of sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastries.  The cucumber sandwich is a real delight. The scones are warm and served with clotted cream.


My friend and I chat over our tea for almost two hours. There is classical music in the background, the genre I like.  We feel we have our privacy even with other customers around in this quaint tea house. I had afternoon tea which was very enjoyable in a bigger hotel earlier this year; yet if I had to make a choice, I would come back to Serendipity.

POSTSCRIPT:  Serendipity Tea House has an entrance address: 477 John Street, Burlington, Ontario which is different from their postal address.

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15 thoughts on “Thursday Special: Serendipity (A New Tea House in Burlington)

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  2. Amy

    If Paula joins, I’ll be there 🙂 I’m trying not to look at the pastries the second time. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your delightful time with your friend.

      1. Opalla Post author

        Thanks, Paula, for this Special Thursday theme which opens up a lot of blogging fun. I’ll make sure there are goodies left for you ;).

  3. greenmackenzie

    I love afternoon tea Opalla, it’s such a civilised and delicious way to spend a few hours with a girlfriend. It’s such a treat to the senses with its beautiful china and cakes, to the taste buds with all the flavours of tea and food, and to the ears with the gentle chink of cups in saucers and soft chatter. This looks like a wonderful place to enjoy it 🙂

      1. greenmackenzie

        Oh yes, a forever tradition. I wrote a post….cups of history…..about afternoon tea I served to my mother-in-law in our garden, for her birthday. I used my grandmothers tea set, passed down to me and much loved 🙂
        Tea has always been big business in Scotland….in Britain….and afternoon tea is a much loved tradition. I fact I’m literally just back from a fundraising afternoon tea event….we raised over £15,000 for Maggie’s Centres, the charity I work for!

  4. Opalla Post author

    How wonderful! I lived in England long enough to appreciate this charming tradition. I wish somebody in Toronto can organize an event like yours–it will draw crowds. 🙂


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