Thursday Special: A Mud Run

This is not an Adult post, nor is it rated “X”


A mud run? Who wants to get dirty in the mud?

I want to make this post a Thursday Special initiated by Paula, because it is a totally new AND special experience for me…even as a spectator.

On this beautiful day in early Fall, my friends invited me to join them for a road trip to Buffalo, NY. My assignment was to be their photographer when they participated in a mud run. We drove almost three hours from Hamilton Ontario to New York State. The event took place in Elegant Raceway Park.

Pink was the dominant colour at this event. Although it was not a fundraiser for cancer, survivors were offered complimentary registration, hence making it a popular occasion for survivors and their families and friends to have some fun. I was impressed by the beautiful team T-shirts and the colourful knee socks and tights around me.

Some participants wore tutus.

The run was a five-kilometre route with obstacles along the way–climbing up a rope fence, wading and crawling in mud pools, and sliding into a mud tub–just to get dirty!

Some people rolled and swam in the mud pool, while others tried to stay as clean as possible using different strategies, but it was all relative, for they still got dirty anyway. Most people seemed to be enjoying themselves even when they walked away dripping and caked in mud.  So did my friends!

The organizers offered some basic facilities for rinsing off the dirt and for changing. My friends felt comfortable enough to head out for lunch afterwards, knowing that they would have a thorough scrubbing when we returned to Canada.


I am so proud of my friends. We are in the same age group and they have taken on the challenge to get dirty in this obstacle run. I should be up to it stamina-wise, but I prefer to stay clean and enjoy the experience vicariously. We do what we can and prefer, and I think this experience fits beautifully into the philosophy of my blog–Aging with Peace of Mind.

(Here is the where Paula talks about her conceptualization of this wonderful Thursday Special non-challenge “challenge”. I love this avenue to express ourselves.)

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11 thoughts on “Thursday Special: A Mud Run

  1. Paula

    Hello Opalla 🙂 In your last paragraph you answered the question I meant to ask you (whether you would have preferred to get dirty ;)). Congratulations to your friends for their sports spirit and to you for a marvelous work you did. You have captivated the true “girl power”.

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  3. Amy

    What a fun,fun event. I love the T-shirts, especially the socks. I admire those who didn’t mind to roll and swim in the mud pool… 🙂 Cool post for the TS, Opalla!

    1. Opalla Post author

      I am quite surprised that so many people just want to get dirty, as if they were realizing some unfulfilled childhood fantasy or reliving their childhood again. It is a fun day, even just watching them.

  4. restlessjo

    Not remotely my idea of fun, Opalla, but I love that so many people are prepared to get out there and do it, and the crazy socks and outfits 🙂 I didn’t know you were a running enthusiast, but then I flipped back to your previous post 🙂
    This makes such an original feature for Paula’s non-challenge. Great stuff 🙂

    1. Opalla Post author

      Thanks, Johanna! I don’t want to get dirty like that, but at least I am fit for my age. My friends and I power walk, and we are faster than some slow runners. 🙂


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