Public Art On The Trails


Other than enjoying nature’s beauty on my walks or hikes, I also notice a myriad of public art. They are usually simple, neat artistic creations, some likely commissioned by the city to decorate open spaces, yet others are contributions by unknown artistic talents who want to express themselves on the trails. They always attract me to slow down and admire the details. Here are my recent collection to share with you.

11 thoughts on “Public Art On The Trails

    1. Opalla Post author

      I feel the same too, and these people must have the dedication since some pieces cannot be done in a short time. They certainly make the walks more interesting.

    1. Opalla Post author

      Thanks, Trophos. This is one of my favourites too. Do you know if there is any Greek or Roman god who carries this as a weapon? I read about the rock and chain in Chinese Kung Fu literature. I don’t know enough anime to decide where the inspiration has come from.

  1. greenmackenzie

    All of these are wonderful…I especially like the chained rock…it appeals to my sense of irony! It’s wonderful that you come across so many wonderful works of art on your walks 🙂

  2. Marylin Warner

    These are wonderful pictures of very unusual and intriguing art!
    There are two Colorado trails, and one in Kansas, with similar “natural” art, and adds a new dimension and enjoyment to our hikes.
    Thanks for sharing these.


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