A Few More Awards Have Arrived!

It’s about time I thanked a couple of kind blogging friends for their support and generosity in bestowing me a some new awards.

In March, Mama Bear Musing gave me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Award Inspiring

I thank dmauldin53, and since I have been awarded this award before, I refer you to my previous post about  what I have said about myself.

In May, The Seeker passed on the Sunshine Award, I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award and Super Sweet Blogging Award, and stipulated no rules.

Sunshine Award fromTerry1954Wordpress Family Award from ShilpirajputSuper Sweet Blogging Award from Shaun

I have a sweet tooth, and so I am pleased to accept again the Super Sweet Blogging Award from dmauldin53 a couple of days ago.

1 super-sweet-blogging-award21w6451-1

The questions I have to answer are:

1.  Cookies or Cake?    Cake    2.  Favourite sweet treat?   Crème Caramel, made from real ingredients  3. Sweet Nickname?   Sorry, I don’t have one   4. What is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you?   The first one that comes to mind is that my daughter volunteered to make (her first) a Christmas cake for the family and spared me the work last year   5.  What is your sweetest memory?   I accepted a challenge and ate half a dozen Chinese egg tarts

I am now nominating 5 people/blogs for the Super Sweet Blogging Award (alphabetical order):

Bea’s Bites


Hanno Phenn

Janet’s Notebook

Sassy Earl Grey

On the same day, The Seeker sent out several awards as a token of appreciation. I thank The Seeker and accept the following tokens to be passed on.

fWordpress Family Award from Shilpirajput

Here are the bloggers I wish to thank and please feel free to accept one or more of these Awards (Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Sunshine Award, Super Sweet Blogging Award, I am Part of the WordPress Family Award, Best Moment Award and Inner Peace Award). To avoid duplication, the only rule is that you write a post to accept the award(s) with a link to this post, display the icon(s) of the award(s) and pass it on to five to ten bloggers. Feel free to talk about yourself if you like.

A New Day

Add Grain On Earth

Allyson Mellone

Bam’s Blog

Mary Gilmartin

Francine in Retirement

It’s In The Picture-365


Sequins and Cherry Blossoms

The World is A Book

It is wonderful to know you in blog sphere. Blog on, everyone!

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