Jakes’s Sunday Post: ATTRACTION

Jake is back and for his Sunday Post Challenge, and he asks for a tourist attraction that draws people there. I have selected Uluru (formerly known the Ayers Rock), not only because it is an icon in the Australian landscape, but also it is such an attraction that many a tourist has to go out of the way in the travel itinerary in order to see it, and this means spending an extra three days in the region to make the trip worthwhile. Getting to Uluru requires flying and travelling by bus if one departs from any major city in Australia. Although you are watching the same rock, the price of the tour varies depending on whether you want a glass of champagne in hand with a selection of canapes, or a cup of coffee or tea with nuts and chips.

I am presenting here Uluru at dawn, early morning, midday and at sunset.





10 thoughts on “Jakes’s Sunday Post: ATTRACTION

    1. Opalla Post author

      When I look at the photos frame by frame afterwards, it’s quite amazing seeing the changing colours of the rock and the sky.

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