Kitchen Renovation (2): Dislocation and Relocation

I have cleaned out my kitchen cabinets and pantry and this is time to take a last look at the kitchen as “before” and then I shall tidy up the utensils, dishes, cutlery and condiments for everyday use to evacuate from the kitchen for the renovation.


The boxes are filled, and the corner of my living room is filled with stuff I think I don’t need (I hope).

There is also a pile of take to the thrift store but I just cannot do so without taking a picture of this beer can chicken roasting tin. This white elephant has occupied an entire cabinet for some five years, and only in the first two years of having it in my possession that I roasted my chicken rotisserie-style  while it sat on a can of beer. It is time it retired.



My kitchen is now re-located in the basement. I feel reasonably well-equipped with my microwave oven, a toaster oven, a slow cooker and an induction heater. Mind you though, I cannot use more than two equipment at one time, because the electric fuse will jump. All this is more for my sense of security than functionality. My fridge is in the family room, and the contractor has cleverly given me a zipper entrance to screen off the dust but allowing accessibility from one area to another.

Stay tuned….the destruction is about to begin.

17 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation (2): Dislocation and Relocation

  1. Klausbernd

    I just have my kitchen renovated as well. Puh, so much work, but hopefully it will be done by the end of this week. Now at the end of renovation I am very happy having it done. I am sure you will be happy as well.
    All the best and may your kitchen be soon well done
    Klausbernd and his chirpy Bookfayries Siri and Selma from the sunny coast of Norfolk

  2. Janet Williams

    I cleaned my fridge 2 days ago, and I dared not take a ‘Before’ picture. Something in the fridge would excite a biologist for their chemical inspection. Good luck with your renovation — it does sound like a huge project.

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