Weekly Photo Challenge: FUTURE TENSE


My inspiration for this post came about as I was walking on Spencer Creek Trail which extended from Hamilton to Dundas in Ontario this morning. The air was still cold. The sun had risen, but it was struggling to creep through the clouds. The weather forecast predicted only a high of 3 degrees Celsius later in the day. This time last year, we were enjoying a balmy 26 degrees.  This is already March 23, two days after the Spring Equinox, and yet Spring to us here in southern Ontario is still in the Future Tense. I took out my cell phone to capture these images for the phoneography challenge.

The ice and snow are refusing to go away. Nature is playing a game with us. The melting and  re-freezing is a continuous tug-of-war in our outdoor world.




When shall we see the colours of the flowers and the leaves and the green grass that we are craving for? I am tired of looking at only white and brown around me. Then, isn’t everything in life relative? And so is Time. When we stepped out of the trail, we walked up the hill to Grove Cemetery, where the graves reminded me of my future although they were also the symbols of some people’s past.


We need patience waiting to see what will transpire in the future. Future to me also means Hope. There are finally signs of hope about the Spring yet to come. Turning into a residential street in Dundas, my walking buddy MW spotted the first buds on the south-facing yards. My heart leapt with joy: the crocuses, the snow drops and the tulips had burst through the ground.




On the opposite side of the road, however, the snow relentlessly hung on.


I am hopeful. Spring  will come; it will come soon!

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: FUTURE TENSE

  1. Janet Williams

    Enjoying your words and this song just jumps out:


    Snowdrops and daffodils
    butterflies and bees
    sailboats and fishermen
    things of the sea
    wedding bells
    early morning dew
    all kinds of everything remind me of you.

  2. Amy

    My friend in PA said that they expect 1 to 3 inches of snow next week… Hope it will warm up soon… Beautiful post, Opalla!

  3. Allyson Mellone

    It’s as if I was walking right next to you! Beautiful pictures and engaging narrative. Thanks for the walk 🙂

  4. Island Traveler

    It will my friend and I bet it will be spectacular. Love how the blooms are sprouting around areas of gray and browns. Spring is hope that new beginnings are possible. Beautiful.

  5. Tahira

    I love the shots of the ice & snow. You are probably ready for Spring, I’m sure. But having lived in the desert for a year now, the ice & snow make me kind of happy. Thank you for sharing.

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