Travel Theme: GREEN

This  week the Travel Theme of Ailsa’s Blog Where’s My Backpack is Green.

With St. Patrick’s Day just round the corner, I feel that I should look up my travel albums and find out what’s green in there. Normally I see lots of greens–trees, grass, and moss– on my hikes and walks, and so I am quite pleased to find “green” in a different setting. All these photos were taken in the Grand Aquarium of Hong Kong Ocean Park. In fact, I am pleasantly surprised that with my not so smart “point and shoot” camera, I could get these images.




Having satisfied the “Travelling” portion of this theme, please allow me to include some “green” pictures that I do not have to travel far to take. My facetious picks (pun and all) are from the vegetable plot in my backyard.

10 thoughts on “Travel Theme: GREEN

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  3. Allyson Mellone

    The pictures of the aquarium are so clear and bright. They must take care of the tanks there. I’ve visited some Aquariums that have murky tanks. Your garden looks green, healthy, and forthcoming with a fresh harvest to enjoy:)

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