Late, But Not Never: Liebster Award Part II

“I may be late, but not never.”

This was the promise I made when I accepted my first Liebster Award from Trophos, who wrote the insightful, academic and candid blog The Dancing Professor. By the time I had answered her questions, I had written such a long post that I decided to post my questions and the names of my nominees later. In the meantime, and much to my delight, Liz of Dot knows gave me the second Liebster Award, and a different icon! I thank them both for their kindness and this gives me good motivation to complete my task.

These are the seven (according to Trophos) blogs I would like to nominate, in alphabetical order. They are either new blogs or blogs with less than 200 followers and I think they deserve more attention. Let’s give them a round of applause:

After the Kids Leave     Sisters Karen, who lives in Ottawa and Wendy, who lives in London, England blog to each other with their hilarious sense of humour, as well as breadth of knowledge of a wide range of topics from weight control, knitting, getting rid of mice, dealing with grown up chldren, and you name it.

Cindy Bruchman  Like me, Cindy shares diverse interests and she writes interesting posts ranging from movies, books, music, outdoors and travels.

Gunlist   This is a must-read for me every time a new post comes out, because I always learn something new about the English language and how to write better. It certainly deserves a bigger readership, especially for people wanting to write better academic and professional English. 

Janet’s Notebook   Lovely posts from a suburb in southern England. Janet blogs about her pets, her hobbies and topical British events. (Let’s support Janet to get over 200 followers!)

Oriental Journey   An Italian traveller in China, learning the language, finding out about the culture, and making interesting progress.

Sequin and Cherry Blossom    A rare gem talking about Japanese culture and history from the discerning eye of a westerner with the grace and exquisiteness of the Japanese culture itself. Even though I have lived in London, England many years, I never know there is so many interesting Japanese activities going on. 

The Road Trip Hound  A beautiful blog talking a lot of Calgary, and other travel experiences. The photographs pay attention to very interesting details.

To my nominees: I hope you’ll accept this award by writing a post to answer the questions below, paste the icon(s) to your post, and also link back to my post. Please nominate seven deserving bloggers by writing something to introduce them.

I have been given some very interesting soul-searching questions by Trophos. I hope mine can live up to her standards.

1.  If you were to invite five celebrities (authors, musicians, actors, world leaders, even socialites) to your home for dinner, whom would they be and why?

2.  What would you serve them for dinner? Is there any significance in the dish(es) you have chosen? (Don’t worry even if you don’t cook; design the menu and someone will cook for you.)

3.  If you had to travel to an isolated location far from civilization to live for three months without the support of the internet. Name three books that you would bring with you to read. Why?

4. You would be allowed to bring three musical compositions to listen to in #3, what would they be, and why?

5. You are writing your memoir. Show us the first paragraph of your first chapter.

6. Do you have a favourite computer game?

7. What do you use to take pictures for your blog? Tell us a story behind it.

Now that my duties are discharge, I can say, “It is better late than never,” and I can sit back and enjoy the entries of my nominees. Blog on!

8 thoughts on “Late, But Not Never: Liebster Award Part II

      1. Oriental Journey

        Thank you Opala! Some weeks ago I already won the award but I’m really happy for your nomination!

      2. Opalla Post author

        I have noticed that, but the icon is different, and please feel free to accept it again. I also have two Liebster Awards too. Your Blog deserves more followers

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