Jake’s Sunday Post: ARRANGEMENT


This is an item on display at the Museum of Modern Arts in Sydney, Australia and I think it is appropriate that I use it for the Introduction of this post on “Arrangement”.

I have just discovered Jake’s Sunday Post and his theme “Arrangement” for this week. I associate the visual product of an arrangement (granting that one can interpret the concept from the perspective of a musical arrangement or even marital arrangement)  to be putting something in a desired order to make it look attractive, or neat, or to produce a certain dramatic effect.

What is better than an arrangement of food on a plate? I sometimes admire the arrangement so much that I hesitate eating the food. How about this presentation of quail eggs and watercress, and the Chinese birthday buns…there are more buns hidden inside the big buns!

Quail Eggs and Watercress

Chinese Birthday Buns

Chinese Birthday Buns

I like the arrangement of shiny metal cones to form a street decoration for Christmas in Hong Kong, and how it contrast with the dull and irregular buildings in the background.


Finally, I have selected the dramatic effect of the arrangement of water sprouts on the stage production of The House of Dancing Water, the world’s largest water show, performed in the City of Dreams in Macau, China.


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