A Word A Week Photo Challenge: GARDEN

This is my 100th post and to mark the occasion, I am submitting for the first time to the A Word A Week Photo Challenge. As I look out of my window at the bleak winter world of snow and bare branches, I remember my visit to Hong Kong one Christmas and my elation to see the poinsettia in bloom in the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden.

Looking North-East

Looking North-East

I always visit this Garden when I go to Hong Kong, since I usually stay at the hotel just three minutes’ walk away. The fountain area is the centre of the Garden, and looking in the north-east direction my hotel, which is a circular building, is peeping above the top of the tree line.

The Garden has special meaning for me because I used to live in the same neighbourhood until I got married. The school I went to was also within walking distance from the Garden. I cherish many fond memories of playing in the Garden with my siblings when I was little and hanging out there with my friends after school. The fountain and the area around it have undergone many renovations. More dramatically are the alteration of the sky line with all the tall commercial buildings and their outstanding architecture. Turn around 360 degrees and one can name I. M. Pei (Bank of China Tower) , Norman Foster (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation), and Cesar Pelli (Cheung Kong Centre, IFC Tower),  The Garden is a landmark that has witnessed the historical changes of Hong Kong. It is also a landmark of my formative years. On my recent visits, it has become my gym as well. In various times of the year, I can always enjoy over 30 species of flowers in bloom.

Looking South
Looking South
Looking South-West

Looking South-West

Looking West

Looking West

I also remember a super special photo of the Garden taken some sixty years ago at a similar angle looking west of the city. This is a very interesting comparison indeed from the pictures above–and my love goes to my late father who was the photographer of this shot.



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