Shopping For A Canadian Chinese New Year


There is one week to go before Chinese New Year. My family and I have continued to celebrate this festive occasion ever since we moved to Canada. When we first came, there were not many Chinese grocery stores, and shopping for Chinese New Year meant a special trip of driving at least an hour to Chinatown in Toronto. With the growth of immigrants from China and Taiwan, more grocery stores stock up products from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I only have to drive half an hour to do my Chinese grocery shopping.

The T & T Supermarket is a Chinese grocery store which has created a new experience for Chinese grocery shopping. Traditional-style Chinese grocery stores are reputed to be crowded and untidy. Gone were the days when I had to squeeze between narrow aisles and overstocked shelves and walk gingerly so that I did not slip on the wet floor near the meat and seafood sections. T & T is spacious and well-lit. It has everything I need and the store makes it convenient by having a special section selling Chinese New Year products. Chinese New Year music is playing inside the store. The cashier staff were dressed in Chinese costumes.The shopping atmosphere is  just right.

My main agenda today was to shop for dry goods. (Wet goods refer to fresh produce, meat or perishables that I’ll get next week.) I bought plain rice flour, glutinous rice flour, rock sugar and coconut milk. They are for my baking. I also bought Chinese pork sausages, liver sausages and preserved meat. They will be used for my turnip cake and yam cake, as well as served as a dish  on New Year’s Eve. I also bought sugary goodies, such as preserved ginger, lotus seeds, shredded coconut and mandarins for my New Year Tray. I do hope to blog more about these if I am organized enough.

Last by not least, I bought a small poster of the Chinese character which means good fortune!


5 thoughts on “Shopping For A Canadian Chinese New Year

  1. afterthekidsleave

    Now I feel homesick!
    Every year, after my girls left home, I’d send them a good luck/fortune card for their front door at CNY, along with a laissee packet or two and chocolate coins.
    This is our first year without an orange tree or peach blossoms in the house, now we no longer live in HK. Also the first year since the mid-80s where we won’t see the Lion Dance all over the city…such a fantastic time of year.
    Gung Hei Fat Choy!

    1. Opalla Post author

      Thank you, Wendy and I can understand why you’d miss CNY. I hope the Chinatown in Ottawa may have something to offer. Otherwise, it may be worth a drive to Toronto to visit Market Village and Pacific Mall. Kung Hei Fat Choy to you too! 🙂

  2. trophos

    I hope you’ll have time to talk more about the food! I know so little about Chinese New Year, I’d love to learn a bit about the traditions through your celebrations 🙂

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