Weekly Photo Challenge: ILLUMINATION

I have chosen to present for this week’s Photo Challenge the light show of the Tree of Prosperity at Wynn Macau. It represents a sophisticated creation of artwork, light and sounds.  In the centre of the atrium of the hotel stands a floor dome engraved with an artistic presentation the western zodiac. Above on the ceiling is an engraving of the animals associated with the Chinese horoscope.  When the show begins, the surrounding light dims and the ceiling opens to reveal a light display of amorphous forms until a 30 feet chandelier, brightly lit, descends and hangs in midair. At about the same time, the dome on the ground opens and a tree “grows” to 70 feel tall. It has 2000 branches and 98,000 leaves made from gold and brass. It is illuminated and changes colours to reflect the changing seasons and the passing of time.

The audience surrounding the atrium watch in awe the magical display of sight and sound. The wizardry is the work of Mark Fisher, who has designed the stage technology of many international performances, including the Beijing Olympics and Cirque du Soleil.

Macau is the Las Vegas of the Orient, and watching the illumination of the tree of prosperity is supposed to bring good luck. No wonder the atrium is always crowded with onlookers for this auspicious display.

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