Cookies for Christmas

When the children are old enough to bake, they become such a great help at Christmas time. We have eight     different kinds of cookies with contributions from my daughters and myself. We have been treating ourselves to these goodies since Christmas Eve, and on this Christmas Day, they will be placed nicely in platters to serve to relatives when they come around.

I enjoy the good food and the good cheer at Christmas, and my motto is: Indulge and then work out!

6 thoughts on “Cookies for Christmas

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  2. pigmintca

    I will totally be making the Salted Orange Toffee in the future!

    Opalla, I was wondering if you might sign a petition to show Food Network that people want another season of Bake with Anna Olson (the one who created the Salted Orange Toffee cookie recipe). Rumour has it that she has most of the season’s content already set and is just waiting for Food Network to proceed. If you could share the petition too, that would be amazing!

    Thank you so much!
    Petition URL:



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