Weekly Photo Challenge: DELICATE


“Delicate” reminds me of our ecosystem, how fragile and delicate it is. This is a photo of the Mai Po Reedbed, taken on my visit to Mai Po Nature Reserve, which is situated in the northwestern Hong Kong, near the estuary of Shun Chun River in China. Mai Po assumes international significance because of its wetland, which is also listed as a Ramsar site. Mai Po Nature Reserve has been under the management of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Hong Kong) since 1983.

Mai Po is haven to over 380 species of bird– especially migratory birds– among which 35 are of global concern. Besides birds, Mai Po is also home to other life forms that can survive the salinity of the water. On my tour of the reserve centre, I have seen the shrimp ponds (gei wai), numerous rarely sighted species of birds, and several species of local trees. Mai Po is like an oasis in the concrete jungle of a skyscraper city.

Let this photo of a Great Egret perching alone on the mangrove remind us how delicate our environment is. At a distance, the city is encroaching upon us. We must work together to preserve our ecosystem.



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