King’s Cafe: Vegetarian Dining in Kensington Market

King’s Cafe meets the need of the Chinese food lovers and the vegetarian food lovers. (Interestingly, although it serves Chinese food, the restaurant does not have a Chinese name, like the ones in Chinatown nearby). The answer becomes clear when we enter the restaurant. It is obvious that this restaurant has successfully fit into the Kensington Market milieu and its multi-cultural clientele. The ambiance is simple, but refreshing. Soft music plays in the background. The atmosphere is very inviting. At one corner, there is a display of an assortment of tea and vegetarian products and they are also for sale.

The menu included sushi, dim sum, rice and noodles, and a good selection of entrees. We ordered a fried rice, and four main courses to share. The rice arrived first. The rice was light and not greasy, and added ingredients such as goji berries, endame and dried bean curd enhanced both the texture and the taste of this dish.

When the Veggie Duck with Plum Sauce was served, the aroma of the plum sauce heightened my appetite. Vegetarian Chinese cuisine always name the dishes after the meat it intends to imitate. The appearance and texture of this veggie duck could easily be passed for the real McCoy. The bite of the gluten “duck” was crispy, just like the skin of the roast duck.

The Sweet ‘N Sour Lappa also gave the appearance of deep-fried ribs in sweet and sour sauce in an non-vegetarian menu. Essentially, burdock balls were coated with flour, deep-fried and coated with the sauce, and sesame seeds.

The Sizzling Eggplant came in a hot-pot. Other ingredients included bean curd, carrots and basil leaves. Other than the fact that the sauce was a little thick, this was another aromatic offering!

The taro hot-pot had a lot of interesting ingredients such as cabbage, peas, carrots, dried bean curd and imitation Spam.

The food was so delicious that after we finished all the fried rice, we ordered more steamed rice to scope up the dishes. If you happen to be in the Kensington Market area, do consider trying out Kings’s Cafe.

King’s Cafe, 192 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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2 thoughts on “King’s Cafe: Vegetarian Dining in Kensington Market

  1. afterthekidsleave

    I knew I recognised those photos – my daughter took me to King’s Cafe this summer, for lunch! It was simple but good food. We had a table by the window, so got in a fair amount of people-watching as well. I love Kensington Market, it’s such fun.


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