Restaurante Litoral: Portuguese Cuisine in Macau

Macau, a Special Administrative Region in southern China,  was a Portuguese colony until from about the mid-16th century to 1999. Portuguese presence left a significant influence on what is known as Macanese cuisine, the local cuisine.  Most characteristic is the use of spices. Popular cooking methods are roasting, grilling and baking. Just as seafood is famous in Portugal, Macanese cuisine also uses seafood a lot in its ingredients.

I spent a day in Macau on my recent visit to Asia and our group went to Restaurante Litoral. The setting was traditional, with wooden gabled ceiling and greenery on the wall. Decor was mainly artifacts from Portugal.

All of us like the vegetable soup. It came with warm, crusty garlic bread.

We also ordered the plate of clams, which arrived aromatic, spicy and fresh.

The baked stuffed crab had a lot of crab meat inside. It was flavorful and the salad was a great complement.

The baked duck rice was very delicious. Morsels of duck meat were embedded in the rice, topped with bacon and sausages and baked until the rice was cooked. It was the most tasty dish on that day.

The braised ox tail and the African chicken were also tasty, but they were too similar in taste.

In fact, I found the gravy of the African chicken too overwhelming. Our group also wondered why our previous experience of African chicken in another Macau restaurant was a grilled dish, hence the name African chicken.

On the other hand, the roast lamb was done to perfection. Tender and tasted delicate.

It was overall a hearty meal, and we had some authentic Macanese cuisine.  Service was good and I gave this experience a three-and-a-half out of five.

Restaurante Litoral, ruo do Almarate, 261A, Macau


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