Weekly Photo Challenge: GEOMETRY

My most unforgettable moment at the Sydney Running Festival was finding myself looking up at the structure above me while I was racing across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I have re-cropped my photo for this Weekly Photo Challenge in order to better appreciate the geometrical design of this structure. Indeed, triangles are the strongest structure from the architectural point of view.

Unlike some pictures that are taken after the photographers have spent time waiting for the perfect moment or manipulating the camera until the subject matter is at the best angle and has the ideal lighting, this photograph is a piece taken “on the go”. In short, I was race walking across the Bridge.  I just paused, took a quick second to aim, and clicked. After all, further lingering would block the other athletes coming up behind me, or I ran the risk of being knocked over.

Looking at the composition, I may not have achieved perfect symmetry. However, I am quite pleased with the perspective and depth the upper beams of the bridge have captured, as well as the curvature that broke the monotony of the straight lines.  I could not have asked for a better sky and its changing shade. It brings simplicity to the complexity of the architecture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in this picture.

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