My Gym in Hong Kong: The Botanical and Zoological Gardens

I miss my trails when I am travelling. Now that I am in Hong Kong, I am fortunate that I stay at a hotel close to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, the oldest park in Hong Kong and it has turned out to be my gym.

There is a fountain in the middle of the park. People gather at the crack of dawn for their exercises. Tai chi is popular and a group gather at the inner circle that surrounds the fountain every morning.

The outer circle is taken up by jogger and walkers like myself and one loop conveniently makes 200 meters for anyone who wants to know the distance.

The walks around the park is lined with trees, flowers and plants. I usually power walk around this loop for twenty minutes, followed by my drills on the steps several times.

At the top of these steps is a bronze statue of King Edward VI.

Then I proceed to my strength and balance exercises in a quieter corner.

The Botanical Garden is not a big park, but given the small size of Hong Kong and the density of the population, it has provided its visitors a green surrounding to rest and to exercise. I absolutely enjoy my moments working out there, followed by a cool down stroll to enjoy the greenery before continuing with my day.


5 thoughts on “My Gym in Hong Kong: The Botanical and Zoological Gardens

    1. Opalla Post author

      Yes, if you do have a chance to visit Hong Kong, the Garden is worth a visit, and it is very close to where you can take the tram up the Peak.

      1. afterthekidsleave

        Living in Old Peak Road, the Gardens were our backyard. Every morning we’d listen to the flamingos sing their song and when we’d walk down Albany Road to Central, we would listen to the monkeys make their presence known.
        Our grandmother visited HK in 1911 and before she died, she gave me a photo of herself in the Gardens. It must’ve been winter as she was pretty bundled up!
        I have many fond memories, thank you for the photos,

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