MacDonald’s Multi-cultural Menu

Thanks to fellow blogger Gary for mentioning that the lamb burger is available at MacDonald’s in Australia,  I went to try one after I had completed my race at the Sydney Running Festival when I was visiting Sydney Australia earlier.

This is the Serious Lamb Burger, although I wonder how a non-serious lamb burger, if there is one,  may differ. This serious lamb burger is much bigger than the MacDonald’s burgers in North American. The patty is juicy and tasted ‘lamby’. It also comes with a fried egg, a piece of beet and tomatoes and greens. I quite enjoy it.

This burger reminds me of the lobster burger I tasted at a MacDonald’s in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. It is served on a hot dog bun. There are chunky pieces of lobster mixed with seafood sauce–a very tasty creation!

When I went to Hong Kong, I checked out the local menu and was pleased to discover an indigenous offering. There on the breakfast menu was chicken cutlet and spirali. Do not be mistaken that Uncle Ronald is importing Italian cuisine to China. In fact, the locals like to have either noodles or pasta. such as macaroni, in a broth for breakfast, and MacDonald’s creation is really popular. In the combo, the coffee and hash brown are typical MacDonald’s basics.

There is also teriyaki burger on the menu and apparently this is also available in Japan. However, I am  too full for another burger after my pasta.

Talk about globalization in the business world. MacDonald’s multi-cultural menu is a good example of how to successfully secure its business in the local community. Now my personal goal is to try MacArabia when I have a chance to travel to the Middle East one day.

9 thoughts on “MacDonald’s Multi-cultural Menu

      1. Opalla Post author

        Neither could I, and no qualms. I believe in a balanced diet. I eat a lot of fruits and veg, but why should I deprive myself of a beautiful steak?

  1. Victoria Sung

    The McDonald’s in Hong Kong is simply co-opting a local creation! If you go to any tea house, you can find this item on the breakfast menu, usually with a side of fried eggs, toast, and milk tea. 🙂

    1. Opalla Post author

      Thanks for dropping by and your comment. Very true–MacDonald’s does not create the recipe but is clever in adopting it on their menu, just like the other cha chan tengs, Maxims’ and the like.


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