Bistro 80: Dining at Star City Sydney

My friend invited me to dine at Bistro 80, which was located in the entertainment complex Star City in Sydney, Australia, because they knew that I had a lot of Chinese food when I was in town and it would be nice to try western for a change. Besides, according to my hosts, the restaurant was recently renovated.

It was a busy and somewhat noisy restaurant and there were several large tables already seated with families with young children or parties with over six people. They used the bar as a partition. I found the dim lighting a little incongruent in this boisterous environment.

The meal started well with some buttered garlic bread.

For our appetizers–the Australians called these entrées–we ordered foie gras, mussels and scallops.

The foie gras was a disappointment because the taste was bland, and the texture of the paté, confit duck and ham hock did not complement one another. The brioche muffin was dry. The only tasty component was the chutney.

The mussels came in a generous helping. They were fresh and sweet tasting. A little more wine in the sauce probably could bring out the flavour more.

The scallops were the best among the three starters.

In the main course, the steak, an O’Conner pasture feed Scotch, was tough.

The order for a medium rare lamb cutlet came out to be really rare.

The Barramundi fortunately was tasty, and so were the clams and prawns on the side.

The standard of the food was varied. The waiters were hustling around and we had no less than three persons asking us if we were going to the show. Apparently the restaurant had introduced a dining menu for patrons attending the theatre afterwards in Star City. Given such confusion, some front of house reorganization is desirable.

Bistro 80, 80 Pyrmont, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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(This post completes my write-ups on my recent visit to Sydney, Australia. If you have been following this series on my Blog, my sincere thanks. If you are reading my Blog for the first time, do check out my other posts.)

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