The Marigold Restaurant in Sydney: Dim Sum, Entrees and More

The Marigold Restaurant in Chinatown, Sydney Australia specializes not only in seafood. I like to go there for dim sum (food served in small baskets or small dishes) and yum cha ( drinking tea). Essentially, dim sum and yum cha are two inter-related brunch activities conceptually and gastronomically, because when I go yum cha, I always order dim sum. In a big Chinese restaurant, there is a dim sum chef who specializes only in the dim sum menu.

The restaurant preserves the tradition of displaying the dim sum on a trolley which is pushed around the dining hall.


Diners pick what they like. Dim sum includes different bite size food, such as steamed dumplings, steamed buns, custard tarts, as well as the more exotic chicken feet and trite. A few orders plus a pot of tea, the flavour of which you can choose from a wide selection and which is constantly refilled will keep you there for for hours.


Dim sum aside, I also like the other meat and vegetable dishes when I dine at the Marigold. It is always safe to order the soya sauce chick, roast duck and sweet and sour pork. The meat comes in tender and juicy.

Braised seasonal vegetables are delicious because they used a good broth. Another ingenious way to enjoy the vegetables is to dip them into the soup that is order with some fried dumplings.




The restaurant is generous with their fruit platter and dessert platter. One of my favourites is baked sago and yam with a hint of coconut milk.



Given this is what I have tasted with my family and friends in Sydney over my two weeks’ visit, you can probably understand why I comment that you have to return to the restaurant again and again to try it all.

The Marigold Restaurant, 683 George Street, Sydney, Australia.

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