The Best Seafood at the Marigold Restaurant in Sydney

Any trip to Sydney, Australia would not be complete without a visit–or even multiple visits– to the Marigold Restaurant in Chinatown. It is one of the oldest establishments for Chinese cuisine in Sydney and in many ways, it preserves the traditional style of Chinese restaurants, from decor, ambiance  service to style of cooking. It is the perfect place for a banquet style dinner, a meal to sample one or two specialties, or a “dim sum” lunch.

I find the best seafood in Sydney, both in terms of quality and variety. When these ingredients marry with the cooking at Marigold Restaurant, the result ranks supreme.

Lobster and Noodles

Stir-fired noodles with a clear sauce on top of noodles. The beauty of this dish is not only the lobster, but the noodles that is infused with the taste and aroma of the lobsters.

Stir-fried Coral Filet and Mixed Vegetables

The coral fish is a big fish and the best is to use the catch to create two dishes. My first dish is the stir-fry. The freshness and subtle sweetness of the ingredients are presented, and highlighted by the contrast of the dipping oyster sauce.

Fish, Pork and Bean Curd Hot Pot

The second  is a richer method to enjoy the Coral, which is cooked with roast pork, mushrooms and fried bean curd. The flavour also comes from the scallions and parsley.

Conch Slices

Very thinly sliced fresh conch is dipped in boiling water, removed as soon as it is cooked for the best bite and texture. Conch becomes chewy if it is over done. The best accompaniment is a dark soya sauce with red chili and scallion, shrimp sauce, or oyster sauce.

Steamed Oyster

Simple, elegant and divine. This is how I like my steamed oyster with a touch of light soya sauce, ginger and scallions.

Steamed Shrimps

These are small shrimps reared in a “gated pond”. I like the taste just on its own, without the dipping sauce.

Crabs with Ginger and Scallions

The crabs are in season with its orange “fat” that tingles the taste buds. The crabs are meaty and the red wine vinegar is the perfect accompaniment.

Of course, the crab claw is the meatiest part.

Steamed Parrot Fish

With a smaller fish, steaming is the ideal cooking method and the sauce is best enjoyed with a small amount of steamed rice.

In case you do not like seafood, the Marigold Restaurant will not disappointment with its other delicacies, and definitely worth a visit.

The Marigold Restaurant, 683 George Street, Sydney, Australia.

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6 thoughts on “The Best Seafood at the Marigold Restaurant in Sydney

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  2. Shelley O. at Realize Your Dreams

    I was in Australia at this time last year. I have been reminiscing and writing about my travels in my blog. I wish I would have dined at the Marigold Restaurant – the food looks divine! Hopefully I’ll travel to Australia again some day so I can check it out!

    1. Opalla Post author

      Thank you very much for dropping by and for liking my post. It’s so nice you had a wonderful time in Australia. I have been there a few times, because I have relatives down there, and I just love the eastern coast and the outback. I enjoy reading your travel posts too, and I shall come back to your blog. Feel free to do the same. I am back in Canada now, but I am still writing about Australia.

  3. elatlboy

    Great foodie photos. I’m hungry now haha. Especially like the lobster and noodles. The only place I’ve been to in Sydney is the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar. Will have to keep this place on the radar the next time passing through. 🙂


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