The Century: A New Chinese Restaurant in Sydney

The Century, at the Star, is the latest addition to the Golden Century Group of Chinese Restaurant in Sydney, Australia.

The restaurant  presents itself to be an up-scale Chinese restaurant which caters to the western taste in fine wining and dining experience. This restaurant is also a departure from its sister restaurants in its traditional image. On entry, a wall made up of 15 aquaria displaying king crabs, lobsters, shrimps and prawns, fish, and scallops and clams flanked the hallway.

One then enters the open dining area, when the attention is immediately drawn to the wine display on the wall.

The decor is neutral, almost enlightening, because it is a Chinese restaurant that I am talking about.

We requested a lunch menu to be drawn up for our party of seven, with the instruction to have a mixture of seafood and meat dishes. The cold cut cucumber with garlic sauce was a refreshing starter.

The presentation and the taste of the fried clams with vermicelli made it a hit. The stir fried clams with a brown sauce sat on a bed of vermicilli that had been soaked in broth and then pan-fried to attain a crunchy exterior but soft interior. (This was reminiscent of the pan frying method of the sweet and sour Chiu Chow noodles.) Flavour and texture were well balanced.

We had three meat dishes: the “drunken” free range chicken, pork ribs Peking style and honey pepper beef. The steamed rice we ordered was the perfect accompaniment.

Our seasonal vegetable dish was braised baby bok choy.

With the seafood (scallops, calamari and shrimps) and tofu hot pot, the Century had no doubt secured its reputation as the flagship restaurant of its chain in town.

The fruit plate and the dessert platter of egg fritters and cocunut crunch were with compliments of the house. A little something sweet was always the best way to complete a meal.

The Century has an interesting wine list. After all, it boasts among its collection a 1825 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild. Even if this vintage bottle is beyond my means, I am tempted to return for dinner and try the wine.

The Century at the Star, Pirrama Road, Pyrmont, NSW 2009.

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