Montreal: Le Cartet for Brunch

The line outside Le Cartet Resto Boutique told me that I had chosen the right place to have brunch in Montreal. Situated near the river on Rue McGill, the restaurant is close to the popular tourist area of Old Montreal, yet sheltered from its crowds.

While waiting in line, I  visually sampled the delicacies for sale at the front store.


The brunch menu includes both hearty and healthy choices. Each brunch order (about CDN $16) comes with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee with refills. I ordered the Brunch de L’Atlantique and my husband ordered the Brunch Sucre.

The salmon brunch came with a generous serving of smoked salmon on top of half a bagel, topped with onion and capers. The smoked salmon cake was tasty, and so was the salmon omelette. The mesclun salad was delightful with its vinaigrette dressing, and the fresh fruit balanced off the savoriness of the salmon. 

The Brunch Sucre came with a bowl of granola cereal, crepes topped with raspberry saurce, and french toast drizzled with honey. This is no doubt a healthy energy booster.

For additional indulgence, I also ordered a cafe latte in a bowl.The latte was good, yet it was the presentation that topped it all.

The place was crowded and but service did not seem slow for a Sunday morning brunch. This may not be the place for a quiet, intimate chat with your friend at this time of the day, but certainly I will come back for the decor and the energy this restaurant exudes.

Le Cartet is at 106 Rue McGill, Montreal, Quebec.

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