Walking in Old Montreal

When I travel, I am never content with being taken around in a tour bus, hop off for a photo op and then back onto the bus for the next stop. I like to walk and walking is the best way to know a city.

I just had a delicious brunch at Le Cartet, which was on Rue McGill near the river. I took out my walking map in the tourist guide and adapted my route around Old Montreal.

Other tourists may have chosen to explore Old Montreal in a horse-drawn cart, I looked for the cobbled stone streets to trace my way around.

I walked through Rue Saint-Pierre to look at its old warehouses built between the 1850’s and the 1870’s, now turned office buildings or residences. The architectural style had remained unchanged and I liked the homogeneity in this part of town.

I zigged-zagged northwards to join Rue Saint-Jacques and entered the old banking district. Here the buildings were grander in style. Some banks were still in operation in its original buildings, but some had become offices.

The Bank of Montreal headquarters was at the north of Place d-Arme, facing the Notre Dame Basilica.

This was the church where Celine Dion got married and many weddings and funerals of celebrities had taken place here. The statue of Paul de Maisonneuve, founder of the city of Montreal, stood in the center the square.

Rye Saint-Sulprice by the side of the Basilica had some quaint shops. Who could resist the temptation but to enter the Christmas boutique to take a look?

A street musician was playing at the entrance of a lane, which was like an outdoor museum with a display of metal sculpture.

I headed west again on Rue Saint-Paul. Part of the street was a pedestrian zone.  I could leisurely looked around the shops, the cafes and the art shops.

I took Rue Jacques-Cartier to Rue Notre Dame, which was one of the oldest street built in the seventeenth century. Now I saw government buildings and museums, with old architecture juxtaposed among the new. This was where I ended my walk around historical Montreal.


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