Montreal: The Colors and Tastes of Atwater Market

A multitude of colors greet the visitors the moment they enter the Atwater Market in Montreal. The outdoor market has on display all the seasonal flowers, and fruits and vegetables one can imagine.

The indoor market is air-conditioned. The stores sell fresh meat, sausages, cheeses, dips and pate as well as chocolates and pastries.

Everything here appears enticing to the eyes and to the taste buds. Imagine all the delicious meals one can have after shopping here!

8 thoughts on “Montreal: The Colors and Tastes of Atwater Market

  1. Opalla Post author

    Thank you, Bea, for dropping by. The Atwater Market offers a different experience from St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. Worth a visit.

    1. Opalla Post author

      Thank you for dropping by. Do you carry your camera everywhere you go? It is difficult sometimes when I have just my smart phone on me.

      1. ronablackphotography

        I used to, when I had a point-and-shoot, but don’t any longer. And I was just thinking of getting a smartphone for that very reason! Would love to be able to take pictures at any moment.

      2. Opalla Post author

        Nice to have the reassurance that a good photographer like you also trust the smart phone, with which the zoom and the light are harder to adjust, I find. Still experimenting.

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