Holy Land Revisited

A group of us went on a trip last November to the Holy Land. Recently all of us found the time to gather together to share the photos we had taken on the trip. The task was for each individual to select one to two photos that best represented a particular day. It was challenging given the multiple locations we visited and all the things that we saw. Anyway, these are my picks:

Day 1:  Parthenon, Athens

and Athens, from Mass Hill

Day 2: Temple of Poseidon, Sounion

and Acropolis at night, Athens

 Day 3: Omphalos, Delphi

and Temple of Apollo, Delphi

Day 4: The Canal, Corinth

and Nafplion (Capital of Argolis, first capital of Ancient Greece)

Day 5: Ephesus

Day 6: Santorini


Day 7: Mt. Olive, Jerusalem

and Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

Day 8: River Jordan, near Sea of Galilee

and Mt. Beatitude, near Sea of Galilee

Day 9: Paphos

Day 10: Antalya

Day 11 St. Paul’s Gate, Rhodes

Day 12: Hippocrates Tree, Kos

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