Climbing a Stile in Style

What is a stile?

This was the stile I climbed over on my hike on the Bruce Trail this week. A stile is a ladder-like structure which gives access to the Bruce Trail when it crosses the property line of private property. On this day, I climbed over five stiles.

On this walk, we started from the entrance to the trail on #1 Side Road, east of Guelph Line in Burlington (Ontario) and hiked over 8K to Kerncliff Park. We stayed on the main trail for the most part, walking south and west towards Cedar Spring Road, but also included the Ian Reid Side Trail.

The hike was listed as “moderate” in the trail guide. This meant uneven surfaces with roots and stones. We were on rolling hills. There were a couple of times when we stepped or leaped over rocks. Challenging, but fun! My more experienced hiking friends said that for this section of the Bruce Trail, one could bring a walking stick.

This hike took me to the Fisher’s Pond. It looked dreamy to me this morning.

We walked past a big field, and would somebody tell me whether this was wheat, barley or oats?

We walked very close to some residential property, with its vegetable garden.

Its overlooked a majestic-looking tree.

What did I learn on this hike?

#1 When I am with experienced hikers, I can follow their example and try these wild raspberries. They are fresh and sweet.

#2  The tree on the right is call shag dog hickory.  The bark seems to be peeling off the trunk; hence the name. The bark is hard and sharp, and so do not lean on the tree.

3 thoughts on “Climbing a Stile in Style

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