Two Trails in a Day

I had not done so much walking in a day for a while–20K combined– and it was wonderful to be walking on two different trails with very different scenery around me.

My regular Saturday walk group decided to go up the Chedoke Golf Course from Aberdeen Avenue and we walked on part of the Chedoke Radial Trail. The grass of the golf course looked like it desperately needed more rain to make it green.

The golf carts were waiting for the golfers who were as early as we were on the beautiful Saturday morning.

At the base of the stairs which could lead up to Scenic Drive, we followed the direction towards the Hillcrest entrance, and continued on passing the stairs at the top of Dundurn Road.

Essentially we were following the course of the popular local race, the Boxing Day 10-miler. The only difference was that we started at the Golf Course, walked to the Hamilton Waterfront Park and finished at Longwood Road in Westdale. On a beautiful day like this, it is hard to imagine the trail covered in snow in December with runners and walkers racing up the hill, across the trail and down the mountain to the finish line at James Street.

My mileage clock did not stop there. Later in the afternoon, my husband and I were invited by our friend to walk the David J. Culham Trail in Mississauga. We entered the trail near Credit Pointe. The trail was paved and shaded. We soon found ourselves following the Credit River and we caught sight of a group learning to kayak.

Oops, there was one getting into trouble there!

As we continued, we came to a flour mill. Reading the signs, we realized that this is an area in Mississauga rich in the city’s history.

According to this sign, this trail could be dated really way back.

Crossing the old bridge,

our friends showed us the spot where salmons would swim upstream in the Fall to lay their eggs. I want to come back later in the year for the amazing spectacle.

We only covered a little over 3K of this trail in our short walk. Given that the entire trail is over 27K, I am sure I’ll be back for more.

2 thoughts on “Two Trails in a Day

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