Walking in Ottawa (2): Rideau Hall

I discovered another nice walking venue besides the Rideau River TraiI on my recent visit to Ottawa– the grounds of Rideau Hall, official residence of the Governor General on 1 Sussex Drive.

There were two tree-lined paths leading up to the front entrance of the building.

The grounds was designed like an English country estate, but not without the Canadian input represented by an inuksuk and a totem pole.

My walk took me to the Heritage Garden,

and the rose garden.

I was there on a hot sunny afternoon. It was bliss walking under the shades of these big trees and looking at the plaques with the names of the persons who planted them.

I spotted the trees planted by the British royal family in close proximity to one another. Here is the red oak planted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1977.

Then I saw the ones planted by Prince Charles and Prince Andrew in 1971 and 1978 respectively. They were also red oak.

I was quite delighted to discover the eastern hemlock that Will and Kate (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) planted on their visit soon after they were married in 2011.

The tree planted by Japanese Emperor and Empress was the same specie the one for the Duke of Duchess of Cambridge. I wonder how the species of trees were chosen.

The Rideau Hall ground was quite big, and much of it was open to the public for picnics

and cricket.

This brought back found memories of watching cricket at the Lords in London on a hot, lazy summer afternoon.

Of course I also walked inside Rideau Hall on a guided tour with other visitors. Unfortunately no photography was allowed inside.

Maybe the only disappointment was that the Governor General did not step out, even though the flag on the top of Rideau Hall suggested that he was on site. Otherwise, our group would be so happy to greet “His Excellency”, which was the proper address our guide had asked us to practice so well.


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