City View Park and Side Trail: A Preview

The City of Burlington (Ontario) has a new park. The City View Park is situated at the southeast corner of Kerns Road and Dundas Street. Its significance to the hiker, other than how much tax money has gone there and what it is used for, is that it opens a new side trail to the Bruce Trail. The official opening of the park is in two weeks time. Hence, this is a Preview.

First, the Park. One can recall from recent memory that the park was considered a venue for the PanAm Game 2015. Even though the Game will not be coming to Burlington, the two soccer fields with artificial turf are the flagship features.

You should feel the “grass” and the “soil”, like I did, to appreciate what FIFA certification quality means.

A path and a foot bridge link up various areas:

such as a playground and a pond.

Ample parking spaces in this park also make it ideal for large outdoor events.

I noticed the artistic design on the back of a metal bench, and a metal garbage bin with a similar design to match!

To make my tax money worth, I’d better utilize these features some time.

The blue blazers of the Bruce Trail indicates the entrance of the new side trail,

with its freshly paved wood chips.

It is less than 500m in length,  passes an open field and  joins up with the main Bruce Trail where it overlooks Kerncliff Park and the city.

You know you are still close to the city walking on this side trail from the road noise of Dundas Street.

I did not go into the Bruce Trail this morning. Instead I walked on the broadwalk of Kerncliffe Park to see what the wetland had to offer. I heard the croaking of a frog, but no sighting.

Each time I go to Kerncliff Park, my favourite view is looking up onto the Bruce Trail, and marvel at the cliff formation of the Niagara Escarpment. This photo turns out all right despite the cloudy day.

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