Spring Creek Trail (and Rail Trail revisited)

The Trail Centre of the Dundas Valley Conservation is located about 5.5K from the Ewen Road entrance of the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail.

This is the former depot, with the sign Sulphur Spring  still up. At this point, there is a choice of continuing on the Rail Trail or turn into the Bruce Trail by following the white blazer.

At the entrance of the Bruce Trail, a plague reads, “May the joy of nature inspires your directions in life.”

One can also go behind the Trail Centre and enter the Spring Creek Trail.

The terrain of the Spring Creek Trail is more hilly than the Rail Trail. It is unpaved, and many sections have tree roots exposed. No wonder this morning I met some hikers walking with their sticks.

As the day became warmer, our walking group chose Spring Creek Trail for our return lag, because it was also shadier than the Rail Trail. We came off Sanctuary Park, with its playground, about 3K from the Rail Trail entrance.

My nature pic for this walk was a sea of fern.


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