Sports drink, health drink, Dr. Oz’s drink

It must be a coincidence that Dr. Oz appeared on my radar twice this week. (I must have noticed him more often from my right peripheral vision when I open my Facebook page, but usually I don’t register.)

As the weather gets warmer, more people carry a water bottle in our walking classes and in our distance training. Occasionally, the liquid in our water bottles becomes a topic of conversation. Besides sports drink of various colours and concentration, there are other drinks we experiment with.

My walking buddy Bobbie brought a drink that she said was inspired by Dr. Oz. The ingredients were tangerine, grape fruit, lemon and cucumber. How to make: Cut a few slices of each ingredients, put in a jug, add a few mint leaves and add water. Press the ingredients with a spatula. Refreshing, but may not have enough carbohydrates, sodium and potassium etc. for someone who sweats a lot.

I often carry an orange liquid, which is my own concoction of orange juice diluted with water (to taste, and I never like it too sweet) with  1/4 tsp  of salt to 1 litre of drink. There is too much carbohydrates in most orange juice anyway. I have recently added coconut water to my list of sport drinks. Some brands taste more natural than others. Again I dilute it to taste and enhance it with salt. Despite its recent popularity, some studies have disputed the superiority of coconut water to conventional sports drinks. (Check out Scott Garuva’s review in Skeptic North.) My rule of thumb is to choose the least artificial drink as long as it helps me hydrate and replace my electrolytes.

Green tea is an excellent thirst quencher. My husband simply steeps a tea bag in his bottle and brings it on his walk.

Imagine: Put together my husband’s green tea bag, Bobbie’s ingredients (cut into slices), add sugar (5-6 tsp) and  salt (1/4 tsp)  in 1 litre of water, and this will become a healthy sports drink inspired by Dr. Oz.

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