The Carrot and the Trails

I walked on two of my favourites trails this Victorian Day Sunday–the Burlington Waterfront Trail, which continued onto the Hamilton Beach Trail after crossing the lift bridge.

The trails are paved trails and run about 10K from Spencer’s Smith Park in Burlington to Confederation Park in Hamilton.This is perfect distance for training for a half marathon. The beauty of walking on a trail is that one does not have to worry about traffic. I have spent many solitary hours walking on these trails, as early as 6 a.m. in the summer months, and  feeling quite safe. I share the trail with other walkers and runners, and I enjoy studying their various pace and forms. We acknowledge each other by a “good morning” and a smile, and sometimes a wave of hand. There is a sense of comradeship even we do not know one another. We seem to share a tacit understanding that we love to be out on the trails because we appreciate the fresh air and natural scenery. Cyclists overtake me, and how I wish they would all ring the bell to signal they are near. I have the least tolerance for people on roller blades, because they take up over half the trail with their wide strides.

This Victorian Day Sunday I power walked with my walking buddies, and covered 17K chatting away. This was reinforcement enough but a greater reward was awaiting- cheese bread and coffee at PaneFresco. There were only three bread sticks left when I got there, and I immediately scooped up two. For many of us, PaneFresco was the carrot that got us out and we all celebrated with our due reward.

PaneFresco is located at 414 Locust Street, Burlington, ON.

3 thoughts on “The Carrot and the Trails

  1. Bea

    Mom, I LOVE your blog! I hope you are not embarrassed that your daughter is the first to comment 😛 I can’t wait to keep reading.

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