Impossible? Possible!

My walking coach Lee Scott posted the photo of the start banner at the recent Toronto Sporting Life’s 10K event in her WoW What’s Up Newsletter (May, 2012). It read, “You have failed only when you have failed to try. Act as if it were impossible to fail and it will be”. It has kept me thinking for a good part of the day of the things I have tried, and not tried.

(Acknowledgement: My thanks to Lee Scott, founder of Wow Power Walking for giving me permission to use her photo.)

I decided five years ago that I had to abandon my haphazard attempts towards fitness  I was very fortunate to find my sport in power walking. I still train with Lee and her fantastic team of coaches. With their support, I have walked uncountable mileage on roads, sidewalks, and trails. I have completed races–5K, 10K, 10 miles, half marathons and a full marathon, and all this was outside my realm of imagination until I held the finishing medals in my hands.

Power walking is now part of my lifestyle. The distance I walk has also become my life’s metaphor. I am so glad that I have given power walking a try.

6 thoughts on “Impossible? Possible!

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